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nvisionGreen is Nevada’s Green Home Energy Company helping homeowners save money AND keep their homes cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

Millions of homes in the US lack proper insulation causing thousands of dollars in wasted money in heating and cooling costs each year. A home’s attic and windows play a major part to its energy efficiency. Heat is lost through the walls, windows and attic of your home during the winter months and it enters your home during the summer months making energy bills jump through the roof… literally.

At nvisionGreen, we asses the energy efficiency of your home and give you recommendations on how to lower your heating and cooling costs. We conduct a free home energy audit and discuss with you where your home is experiencing heat loss or heat gain. Every home is different so each plan is specific to fit your needs.

What is a home energy audit?

An energy audit is a package of services that helps homeowners make decisions about how to conserve energy and save money. It helps customers increase the comfort, health, safety and durability of their homes and helps protect the environment by reducing waste and pollution.

An energy audit consists of three categories of services:
Visual Inspection, Diagnostic Testing and Numerical Analysis.

Purpose of a home energy audit?

Encourage behavioral changes that reduce energy waste.

Inspect the building and its mechanical systems to gather the information necessary for decision-making.

Evaluate the current energy consumption and current condition of the building.

Diagnose areas of energy waste, health and safety, or durability problems related to energy conservation.

Recommend energy conservation retrofits.

Project savings expected from energy retrofits.

Estimate labor and material costs for energy retrofits.

Note current and potential health and safety problems and hot they may be affected by proposed changes.

Educating the homeowner about energy usage and conservation options.

Provide a written record of energy audit and the recommendation offered.

Upon completion of your home energy audit, nvisionGreen can apply the below services, among many others, based on your home’s needs:

Radiant Barrier

nvisionGreen’s radiant barrier is a reflective attic insulation system that reflects heat by acting as a radiant technology preventing heat loss during the winter and heat gain during the summer months.

Green Energy Products by Nvision Companies, Attic Insullation, Green Housing, Reno, Vegas.Designed to work on its own or in conjunction with your existing insulation, our radiant barrier utilizes a technology that was originally developed by NASA to protect astronauts from the extreme hot and cold temperatures in space.

This same technology is now used to make homes more energy efficient. Once installed in an attic, the product will block the transfer of 97% of radiant heat. This way, when heat rises to the attic in the winter it will reflect that heat back down into your home; it will conversely reflect back cool air in the summer months. This allows you to stay comfortable and use less energy to heat or cool your home.

  • Stops over 97% of radiant heat loss
  • Efficient Heat/AC unit
  • Effective for a lifetime of energy savings
  • Ten Year Warranty 
  • Maintenance Free
  • Pays for itself in just a few years
  • Certified Green Energy installers
  • Save up to 25% or more on your heating and cooling
  • Comfort

Attic Insulation

Nvision Reno and Las Vegas Home Energy, attic insullationAccording to the Department of Energy, millions of homes in the US are not properly insulated. When the sun beats down on your roof in the summer time, the roof shingles heat up. The heat that gets stored up in the shingles then radiates into your attic; making it heat up and causing your air conditioner to work harder and harder to keep up. Alternatively, heat will typically rise and escape your home through your attic in the winter time. Considering that your heating and cooling costs account for the majority of your total energy consumption, proper attic insulation can not only save you money but it will also make your home more comfortable year round.

Air Sealing & Weatherization

Air leakage in your home can be a major cause of energy loss. Between leaky doors, walls and your foundation, air leakage can amount for as much as 20-50% of your total energy loss.

Air sealing around doors and windows in your home can save as much as 30% on your energy bills.

Windows & Doors

Windows are one of the biggest culprits in energy loss. Replacing your old windows or even just the glass within your current window frame can not only lower your energy bills, but can help protect your home and furniture from UV rays.  If you have just clear glass in your windows, the UV rays penetrate through and can cause your furniture, carpet and artwork to fade and require your cooling system to work extra hard. Conversely, clear glass also allows heat to escape your windows in the winter months challenging your heating system to maintain a warm environment.  New high performance, Low-E glass or new energy efficient windows will drastically save you money on your energy bills. Don’t let your cash go out the window!

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